Fast, Effective Neuropathy Relief for Hands, Legs, and Feet

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    TronaLife Neuropathy Relief Cream

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Neuropathy Relief Cream ingredients are specially formulated:

  • for localized pain in hands, legs, and feet,
  • to improve blood circulation in the smaller blood vessels, and
  • to moisturize and promote healthier skin.

Improved circulation has several benefits:

  1. Improved delivery of nutrients to cells – encourages improved nerve cell function.
  2. Enhanced removal of cellular waste products – also promotes healthier cells and improved function.
  3. In diabetic and/or bedridden patients, skin sores have difficulty healing due to impeded blood circulation to the damaged tissue. By enhancing circulation to those areas, NRC promotes the natural healing process.

Using Neuropathy relief cream, our customers and testers report relief from the burning pain of peripheral neuropathy as early as the first application, but for some, especially where numbness is the main symptom, regular and consistent application over a longer period of time might be necessary.

Directions for use:

Apply neuropathy relief cream twice daily to affected areas (feet, lower legs, hands, etc.). Can be used safely up to 4 times daily. May produce a momentary burning sensation when applied to broken or irritated skin. Can be used on broken skin where infection or other complications are not present. If used as directed, one bottle should last about one month when applied to both feet and lower legs.

Do not use if allergic to salicylates. If a skin rash develops while using NRC, quit using NRC and consult your doctor. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before using.